Sunday, January 30, 2005


Long term project (at least 5 – 10 Years – even longer)
To start now asap.

LisAndi, Cocopapa and Kultur-und-Familienwerkstatt (KuF-werkstatt)

Andreas and Lisa Becker
15/21 Moo.2 Viset Road
Rawai, Muang, Phuket
83130 Thailand
Tel.: 076 38 33 08
Mob: 01 606 33 78
Web : (in progress), (Main-Page for TIGER-School-partnership program,
global e-learning environment, school-project management etc.), (kind of open university for children – adults), (Coaching Concepts for Parenting and Partnership) (Private Homepage of Lisa, Andi, Anakin, Sky-Bird)
Most of the Thai-teachers ask for help in teaching skills and new teaching methods. Especially computer- and English-teachers need help.
We provide qualified teacher education:
1. computer skills and methods of teaching
a. special training for teachers
i. for lesson planning
ii. for teaching students (methods, …)
b. special training for administrators
c. special training for parents (in evening hours)
2. new teaching methods in English (suggestopädie, self-learning environment, …)
3. New teaching methods and didactics for all subjects
4. Help for building up and teaching in an self-learning environment or prepared surrounding (Introduction and training in alternative methods like MONTESSORI, JENA-PLAN, NEIL-SUMMERHILL, AMICATION, …)
5. Supervision (e.g. Balint groups) and support groups
6. Conflict-management, School-mediation (also Family and neighbourhood-mediation)
7. Help to build up an own internet cafe run by students and parents of a school to earn additional money for the school
8. Social sponsorship
9. Coordination and planning of school-events for more then one school
a. (e.g. theatre-groups, music-groups visiting the region)

Our teacher-trainers and supervisors hold at least a MASTER university-degree or equivalent (e.g. a 2. Stateexam in Germany, …) in teaching or education.
Specialist trainers hold additionally
1. for mediation, conflict-management - hold an additional Bachelor in Mediation
2. for specialised new methods like MONTESSORI – hold an AMI approved full 0-12 Montessori-Diploma (0-6 Montessori-Diploma for Kindergarten, Anuban only)
3. for computer-technology – can approve their skills with qualified experiences in Web-design, e-learning, programming or database-management
4. for English – can approve their skills with qualified experiences in teaching English (at least 2 years of experience). They don’t need to be native speakers, but should be good teachers.
5. for other subjects – according to English

The Mobile-Teacher-Trainer Team will consist of at least 6 qualified people (3 Thais for translation (engl-Thai), 1 Foreigner-computer-technology, 1 Foreigner-English-methods, 1 Foreigner as Coordinator of other teaching and training activities) The Team is able to plan, organise and manage and realize these teacher and adult-training-activities. They also will provide guidance for volunteers and teach/train locals.
They work in 3 Teams simultaneously, but in different schools.
One team needs at least:
1. a car with enough storage room for the teaching materials (can be a used car but should be safe for driving)
2. 1 Laptop, 1 LCD-Projector, 1 Screen, Flipchart or better a kind overhead-video-camera stand which can be connected to the LCD-projector.
3. Paper and pens for the flipchart

Personnel – per Mobile-Teacher-Training-Team:
5. 1 English-Thai-Translator (10.000 – 15.000 Baht /month)
6. 1 Foreign-Teacher-Trainer (40.000 – 60.000 Baht /month)
Personnel – Management – responsible for other/all listed projects: >>> same as Kids-Mobile

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