Sunday, January 30, 2005

LisAndi Project: Kids Mobile

Long term project (at least 5 – 10 Years – even longer)
To start now asap.

LisAndi, Cocopapa and Kultur-und-Familienwerkstatt (KuF-werkstatt)

Andreas and Lisa Becker
15/21 Moo.2 Viset Road
Rawai, Muang, Phuket
83130 Thailand
Tel.: 076 38 33 08
Mob: 01 606 33 78
Web : (in progress), (Main-Page for TIGER-School-partnership program,
global e-learning environment, school-project management etc.), (kind of open university for children – adults), (Coaching Concepts for Parenting and Partnership) (Private Homepage of Lisa, Andi, Anakin, Sky-Bird)

The Kids Mobile will be a mobile unit which is able to drive into camps, schools and later on villages which are far away from the main roads, to support and offer children and teenagers activities in these villages.
It will be equipped with reusable group-play materials and qualified personnel – assisted by volunteers. The qualified personnel (1 Thai with English skills, 1 foreigner) is able to plan, organise and manage and realize these activities. They will also will provide guidance for volunteers and teach/train locals.
Members of the qualified mobile team hold at least a bachelor in child-education, teaching or comparable university-degree. They will be able to sing and play at least guitar and are willing do fun-sports. They should have work-experience in mobile street work. One should be male, one female.
The qualified personnel will be long term (contracted at least for two years). Children and Teenagers could therefore build up better relationships to these persons. Volunteers can also work with the mobile-team on a short term basis.
A clear schedule will be made when the kids mobile arrives in each camp and village.
A daily report will be written. Team meetings with the General Management will be held weekly. Supervision for the professional staff will be provided by the General Management.
Communication languages will be English and Thai
What we need to realize the Kids Mobile (at least for 1 Team)
1. 1 Minibus with seats for 6 passengers and enough lockable storage room for the materials >> can be a used minibus, but should be safe to drive!
2. 2 big ropes for tug of war
3. 2 long ropes for rope-skipping in a group
4. 20 smaller ropes for single rope-skipping etc.
5. 2 Guitars amplifiable, 4 microphones wireless + stands, amplifier + loudspeakers and mixing console, cd/vcd (for karaoke) player, 1 note Stand >> 15.000 Baht
6. Percussion materials (1 set Congas, 1 set Bongos and a lot of smaller percussion material) >> 10.000 Baht
7. 2 old parachutes
8. 4 Trakar Balls
9. 4 Footballs
10. 4 Volleyballs + Volleyball net and stands
11. 4 Frisbies
12. Indiaca, 10 Badminton sets with 5 Nets, other group and team games, 20 sacks (sack-race), 20 stilts
13. Juggling material – 10 Plates, 30 Juggling Balls, 5 Diabolos (middle/big size), 5 devil sticks, 15 clubs, 15 juggling rings (middle size), 30 juggling scarf (different colours)
14. 2 larger Party-tents
15. watercolour make-up sets to colour children faces
16. Scissors, colour-pens, oil-pastels, paper, …
17. …

Personnel – per Mobile-Team:
1. 1 Thai Employee (10.000 – 15.000 Baht /month)
2. 1 Foreign Employee (30.000 – 40.000 Baht /month)

--------------------------------- look at ---- Mobile-Team-Management
Personnel – Management – also responsible for other/all listed projects:
1. Thai Coordinator (20.000 – 30.000 Baht /month)
2. Foreign Manager (60.000 – 80.000 Baht /month)

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