Saturday, May 3, 2008

Welcome - Hello World

My Name is Andreas Becker and I am writing this nice new Blog. It is 3. May 2008 and we just start in to a new blogging season. Let's have fun reading it. This Blog will be written bilingual in German and English, so if you can't understand a Post please use the translation tool in Google Toolbar.
Some of the posts will also be dated backwards as I would like to insert also some interesting stuff from former times here. Let's start!

Here you can see LisAndi Family - If you are wondering why Lisa is not visible, so feel free to drop me a line and I will explain it to you - This wasn't my idea ;-)

I am married to my lovely wife Lisa and we have 3 boys named
On Eagle's Wings Joseph (Eagle's Wings)
From Kids - Anakin... - On Eagle's Wings (04/01/2007)

Sky Bird George (Nok)
From Kids - Anakin... - Sky Bird (30/08/2004)

Anakin Yannick Noah (Anni)
From Kids - Anakin... - Anakin (19/08/2003)

my favorite daughter Vanessa Yentl (Nessi) with my Ex Petra
From Kids - Anakin... - Vanessa (14/06/1997)

and my big boy Benjamin Nelson (Benni) with my first wife Sigrid
From Kids - Anakin... - Benjamin (13/07/1985)

Yeah I am quite old - uff - and even just getting grey hair. But inside I am feeling still young enough to play around with my kids or our dogs Rookie, Chor and Chocolate. Real Thai Dogs.

And here is where our LisAndi Family lives since 2004

Größere Kartenansicht
LisAndi Family, 15/21 Moo 2 Viset Road, Rawai, Muang, Phuket, 83130 Thailand

Ok let's start and see where we get along and what time will bring! But first listen to Point of Grace - How you live (Turn up the music) and think about what you are just doing.

This song is so true and if young people will take heed they won't have a lot of regrets. This song should be lived and all our families would be in better shape.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Andis Big Family - An Overview

My family is quite big and I will try to give you a brieve overview. Simply follow the links to learn more about the family members.

Andis Grand Parents (Father Site) came from Oberursel

Willie Becker
Kaethi Becker (born )

her son was

Georg Becker (born 7. November 1932 Oberursel)

Andis Grand Parents (Mothers Site) came from Berlin

Kurt Penn
Herta Penn (born )

her daughter was

Eleonore Becker (born 30. March 1937 Berlin)

My parents met the first time in Berlin and got married 3. May 1960

There children are
Andreas Becker (born 22. March 1961 Stuttgart)
Matthias Becker (born 9. April 1963 Stuttgart)
Caroline Becker (born 19. January 1966 Wilrijk Antwerpen Belgium)

Andreas Becker (born 22. March 1961 Stuttgart)

Matthias Becker (born 9. April 1963 Stuttgart)

Sigrid Pofahl was born 16. January 1964 Damme. She married me in 12. August 1983 - the birthday of my Grandmother Kaethi and one day after the birthday of her Grandfather.

Caroline Becker (born 19. January 1966 Wilrijk Antwerpen Belgium)

Petra Breuer was born Breuer 31. August 1968 Mainz. We got married 1. August 1994

Lisa Patschovsky (born 22. August 1982) and I got married 1. February 2003 1.2.3.

Andi (myself) married the first time
Sigrid Becker (born Pofahl 16. January 1964 Damme) on 12. August 1983
in a small protestant Church in Fladderlohausen near Holdorf - Osnabrueck.

we have one son
Benjamin Nelson Becker (born 13. July 1985 Stuttgart)

In the same year on 23. September 1983 my brother Matthias married his wife Giesela Becker (born Obermaier 17. June 1965 Stuttgart)

they have three children
Nicole Becker ( January 1984 Stuttgart)
Christoph Becker (1986 Stuttgart)
Alexandra Becker (1990 Stuttgart)

Nicole Becker was born January 1984 Stuttgart as daughter of my brother and his wife Gisela

Benjamin Nelson Becker was born 13. July 1985 Stuttgart as son of Sigrid and me

Christoph Becker was born ... Stuttgart as son of my brother and his wife Gisela

I got divorced from Sigrid as she already had a new friend.

Alexandra Becker was born ... Stuttgart as daughter of by brother and his wife Gisela

I married
Petra Becker (born Breuer 31. August 1968 Mainz)

we have one lovely daughter
Vanessa Yentl Becker (14. June 1997 Mannheim)

I got divorced in 2002 as my wife was having already a realtionsship to Joerg Hatzinger

I married my lovely wife
Lisa Becker (born Patschovsky 22. August 1982) on 1 February 2003 1.2.3.

we have three cute boys
Anakin Yannick Noah Becker (19. August 2003)
Sky Bird George Becker (30. September 2004)
On Eagle's Wings Joseph Becker (4. January 2007)

Anakin Yannick Noah Becker (19. August 2003)

Sky Bird George Becker (30. September 2004)

On Eagle's Wings Joseph Becker (4. January 2007)

and we had/have dogs
Walker (real Thai dog 2006 - was killed/eaten/bitten we don't know 2007)
three Thai dog sipplings
Rookie (2007)
Chor (2007) (also eaten by neighbours April 2008)
Chocolate (2007) (mother of 5 puppies May 2008)

I got divorced from Lisa Becker (born Patschovski) after she had kidnapped my three boys in 2008 and meanwhile another Baker as her friend as the kids say!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Andi's Work History

Andreas Becker is since 2008 the Chief Executive Officer of LisAndi Co. Ltd.

LisAndi Co. Ltd. Mr. Becker is also Leader of TEAM3 T3Pack TYPO3 Web Design and CoCoPaPa Coaching Concepts for Parenting and Partnership, which is based on his ideas and has first been founded in Germany 2002.

For LisAndi Co. Ltd. International Montessori Charter and Training Services IMCT, Mr. Becker is responsible for the entire operations including the running of the services for families and institutions, administration, providing adequate and effective personnel, including reviewing, revising, creating and adopting policy, and evaluating policies and programs. He also designs specific Training Materials for several Purposes in the field of Montessori, Music and TYPO3, ICT Education.

some Videos produced by IMCT students
IMCT/LisAndi/Partnerschools Project Videos
LisAndi Partnerschool Camps

Andreas Becker is the Key Develeoper of the T3Pack TYPO3/LifeType/Magento/Moodle Suite since 2005. An easy to handle Package to present big Organizations and Companies in the Internet using best of the breed Web Applications packed for community purposes.
i.e. UNESCO Bangkok (
i.e. Hochschule fuer Kirchenmusik Rottenburg (
i.e. Sunisa-Ranck Emission Trading (

He is also working as external at the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO partly since 2006, where he is guiding the UNESCO BKK Webteam since 2007 to build their new UNESCO Bangkok Website based on TYPO3 CMS. He organizes ICT workshops for Thai Schools, the ThaiPo3 Community and speaks on international Conferences about Distance and eLearning and ICT (Global Classroom. He has also been invited by SIPA and PSI Phuket Software Industry to joind the Hongkong Trade ICT Fair in April 2008 to promote Phuket as ICT Innovation Place.

Publications of Andreas Becker:
TYPO3 eGovernment O.S.I.R.I.S
in The International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management Volume 15 2007
Drop Out Prevention using eLearning and Home Schooling No One Left Behind
in The International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management Volume 15 2007
Hindernisse überwinden
in T3N Magazine
Global Learning Spaces
in The International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management Volume 12 2005
eLearning Didactics for Adults
in The International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management Volume 12 2005
The Biggest And Best Schoolbook Of The World: The Internet; Homeschooling And Global eLearning Experiences
in The International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management Volume 14 2006
Typo-3 Goes E/B-Learning
in The International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management Volume 14 2006
UNESCO TYPO3 Workshop 2007

Before the Tsunami happened Mr. Becker worked as Educational Director in an International Montessori School.
Before he came to Thailand he was activly running his CoCoPaPa Service to improve the situations and realtions between Parents, Students and Teachers, providing all kind of educational Services, starting from simple Homework Groups up to English with Music ESL Courses and to special induvidual coucelling and coaching of students, parents and families. As an approved Mediator FEU from University Hagen he did mainly Family, School and Victim/Offender Mediations.

As a Music Teacher, Musician and Composer he is active in the field of Music Business since 1992 and several produced CDs.

In April 2008 Andreas Becker took over the lead of LisAndi Co. Ltd as CEO from his wife Lisa who hold this position since foundation of the company in 2005.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lisa hides in Germany

Yeah, we still don't know what really happened, but Lisa is gone, somwehere - as we guess - in Germany. Like in 2005 where she had multiple problems after her parents went back from the holiday in Rawai she now followed her parents back home. It is really a pitty especially as she didn't asked the kids if they like this. She simply kidnapped them!

Größere Kartenansicht

Nevertheless, to understand the situation I found a very good film about Raimund Gaita. A famous author and philosoph. Romulus - my father. In his memoires he describes a very similar situation and how he delt with all those troubles. Especially the father who still loves his wife very much but Christina disapeares again and aganin. Inbetween then she likes to sleep with Romulus - the father - even just before she disapears again. Christina - the German wife of Romulus who is Romanian - tries to kill her selve and always gets rescued by her lovely and caring husband. Also this is very parallel to what Lisa was doing since 2005 where she even tried to set herself on fire! It is the story about a love that never ends but also could never went really true, as Christina was more interested in the influences from her surrounding then staying to her own family. If you ever get the chance seeing this film - it is great!

If not followup this blog and you might get quite similar stories ;-) as bad as it is and I really don't want them to become true. On YouTube you can find lots of small parts of this brilliant film!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Birthday On Eagle's Wings Becker

On Eagle's Wings Joseph was born on 1. January 2007 in Mission Hospital in Phuket. Inside the Hospital near the Materity Rooms they have a huge picture hanging with an eagle' on it. It is flying very high and has its wings spread all over. Eagle's Wings is the third son of Lisa and Andi. His song os called: On Eagle's Wings :-)

No Starwars? Is it that what you wonder? No problem? Look here, even On Eagle's Wings appears in Star Wars Episode 5 as a comic book published by Ian Edington. Yes we like Star Wars :-) And by the way, he is also Episode 5 (5th kid) for Andi.