Thursday, September 30, 2004

Birthday Sky Bird Becker - 30. September 2004

30 September 2004 Sky Bird George was born in Mission Hospital in Phuket. He was actually announced as a Girl but then Lisa and I had a bit a problem as we had lots of nice names for Girls but none for Boys. Finally we continued with Anakin - "SKY" - Walker. But Sky alone was to short so I remembered Neil Diamonds Song Skybird - which is Part of the film Jonathan Livingston Seagul. Lisa brought up Bird Tongchai a very famous Thai Singer, Actor and Dancer so we decided to name him Sky Bird.

Yep, the third name has been given after my fathers name. My mother first asked Lisa about why don't you name him Lutz, but how does this sound - Sky Bird Lutz - really like a "Doppelachsel" Jump turn around and drop down again. So this was really a no go. But Sky Bird George - spoken in Englisch sounds great and that's how it is now!

In Kindergarten they call him Nok as Nok means Bird in thai. Nevertheless letz see an give him also musical Video Note.

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