Saturday, April 11, 1970

Birthday Caroline Becker - 19. January 1966

My sister Caroline was born 19. January 1966 in Wilrijk near Antwerpen/Belgium.
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Friday, April 10, 1970

Birthday Sigrid Pofahl - 16. January 1964

Sigrid Pofahl was born today 16. January 1964.
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She spent her schoolyears in Hohldorf near Osnabrueck and married me, Andi, on 12. August 1983. She was very good in school and is still abrilliant singer. We sang together very often as she also played the guitar very well. I spent my first money I earned as saint nicolas to finance her professional singing lessons and this was great :-) At this time Sigrid still wanted to be a protestant pastor and started studying in Tuebingen, but meanwhile she is working in a bank. After she got divorced she married Georg Hahnemann and got divorced again several years later. With Andi she has a son named Benjamin Nelson.

Thursday, April 9, 1970

Birthday Matthias Becker - 9. April 1963

My brother Matthias was born on 9. April 1963in Stuttgart Frauenklink / Germany.
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He has married Giesela September 1983 just after Andi married Sigrid. In 2008 he has his silver marriage jubilee! He has ... my little brother. His 3 Kids Nicole, Christoph and Alexandra are already grown up.