Friday, April 4, 2008

Lisa hides in Germany

Yeah, we still don't know what really happened, but Lisa is gone, somwehere - as we guess - in Germany. Like in 2005 where she had multiple problems after her parents went back from the holiday in Rawai she now followed her parents back home. It is really a pitty especially as she didn't asked the kids if they like this. She simply kidnapped them!

Größere Kartenansicht

Nevertheless, to understand the situation I found a very good film about Raimund Gaita. A famous author and philosoph. Romulus - my father. In his memoires he describes a very similar situation and how he delt with all those troubles. Especially the father who still loves his wife very much but Christina disapeares again and aganin. Inbetween then she likes to sleep with Romulus - the father - even just before she disapears again. Christina - the German wife of Romulus who is Romanian - tries to kill her selve and always gets rescued by her lovely and caring husband. Also this is very parallel to what Lisa was doing since 2005 where she even tried to set herself on fire! It is the story about a love that never ends but also could never went really true, as Christina was more interested in the influences from her surrounding then staying to her own family. If you ever get the chance seeing this film - it is great!

If not followup this blog and you might get quite similar stories ;-) as bad as it is and I really don't want them to become true. On YouTube you can find lots of small parts of this brilliant film!

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