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LisAndi Project: Mobile-Teams Management

Long term project (at least 5 – 10 Years – even longer)
To start now asap.

LisAndi, Cocopapa and Kultur-und-Familienwerkstatt (KuF-werkstatt)

Andreas and Lisa Becker
15/21 Moo.2 Viset Road
Rawai, Muang, Phuket
83130 Thailand
Tel.: 076 38 33 08
Mob: 01 606 33 78
Web : (in progress), (Main-Page for TIGER-School-partnership program,
global e-learning environment, school-project management etc.), (kind of open university for children – adults), (Coaching Concepts for Parenting and Partnership) (Private Homepage of Lisa, Andi, Anakin, Sky-Bird)
The Mobile Teams Management will assess and employ qualified staff for the Mobile-Teams mentioned.
Members of the mobile-management-team hold at least a bachelor in child-education, teaching or comparable university-degree and another qualification e.g.
1. Computer-technology (Database and e-learning)
2. Montessori (AMI approved 0 – 12) Diploma
3. Mediation or Conflict-management
They will be able to sing and play at least guitar and are willing do fun sports. They should have more then 5 years’ work experience in teaching in schools and have also experience in open youth work. One should be male, one female.
The qualified Personnel will be long term Personnel (contracted at least for two more years). Staff, Teachers, Schools, Communities, Children and Teenagers could so build up better relationships to these persons. Volunteers can also work within the mobile-management-team on a short term basis and will assist the professional management team.
They will train and support the Mobile Teams. Organize, manage, schedule and realize the mobile events and keep contact to the schools and communities. They will collect the daily reports and hold a weekly meeting with the whole team.
Personnel – Management – also responsible for other/all listed projects:
1. Thai Coordinator (20.000 – 30.000 Baht /month)
>>> (Khun Aey – former Managing Director of a school)
2. Foreign Director (60.000 – 80.000 Baht /month)
>>> (Mr. Andi – former educational director of a school etc.)
At the beginning we can start all projects now with a few persons and a minibus.
To start with:
one big minibus (driven by ourselves) (we need the minibus and money to run the minibus)
Khun Aey (financial management and translation), **
Khun Tai (translator and assistant), **
my wife Lisa (actor, dancer, musician, assistant, pastry cook), **
Elnar (musician, qualified English teacher!, painter, actor, singer, …), **
and myself – Andi (musician, qualified teacher, Montessori AMI-teacher, computer-teacher, musician, actor, singer, composer, mediator, juggler, … please have a look at my cv), **
** we need about 180.000 Baht/month to finance the qualified staff.
Khun Dr. Suvakon will monitor our activities. (Internal Controlling)

For the beginning we will work with:
my small juggling suitcase (app. 5 – 8 children can be supported with the same activity, 10 – 15 children can be supported with different activities at a time).
my private set of congas, my private set of bongos, my private guitars, my private percussion materials and other musical instruments.
Lisa’s Laptop and her digital camera – to do the reports and pictures esp. for the Web-page.
Our home-computer with band in a box software and burner to burn cd’s for the children participating in our musical projects. We are already working on a CD with songs written by children living now in the camps and their German partner-schools.
English, computer and music-teaching-materials we have produced and own ourselves.

This will help us to start right now with the project. Time by time and if we will get enough money for materials and Personnel we will create more jobs for Thai and foreigners, which qualify for this program. During school holidays will be also a good opportunities for older Thai and foreign – even from abroad (partner-schools) students to participate as assistant in parts of this program.
The program is designed for at least 5 years and will hopefully never stop! Right now it is unique in southern Thailand and perhaps in all Thailand.
We are willing and interested to work close together with Thai authorities and institutes (e.g. Rajabat University or other institutes I met at the November UNESCO conference in Bangkok about inclusive education) e.g. The Life Skills Development Foundation in Chiang Mai.
It can be a very good example of mobile youth and street work and perhaps be extended or copied to other places. It will be the starting point of a nationwide mobile youth network.

We will start with:
Programs for mother and child aged 0-3 – singing English songs and doing English fingerplays. The mothers will learn a little bit English and the kids will learn – I am sure – a little bit more.
Programs for children aged 3 – 10 – Juggling and Acrobatics, Playback theatre, Musical Programs, Percussion/Drum sessions. If needed help with English homework.
Programs for children aged 10 – 15 – Juggling and Acrobatics, Playback Theatre, Musical Programs, Composing/Songwriting/Performing CD-Project, Percussion/Drum sessions. If needed help with English homework.
Programs for teenagers 13 – 18 – Juggling and Acrobatics, Playback Theatre, Musical Programs, Composing/Songwriting/Performing CD-Project, Percussion/Drum sessions. If needed help with English homework. In addition, we will train them to be youth leaders.
Programs for families – Drum workshops, Family afternoons with a lot of group activities and fun.
Programs of teacher training esp. in English, computer technology and innovative teaching methods. This will always be coordinated with the responsible Thai department and/or with the school-management. The teacher-training can take place in seminars in the evening or on weekends or even we do training on the job.
School-counselling, School-mediation, Workshops in School-mediation

All these programs we can start right now with the staff mentioned above. But in future we will need more Personnel and materials!

If we are able to work fulltime for this project, our team will also plan and organize an international TIGER-summer-camp at Watcommaneeyakeat-school and will try to build up similar TIGER-summer-camps in Lan Kaen School and Bang Muang School.
Next week friends from the Toronto Playback Theatre will visit us and will also hold small workshops in schools of the Khao Lak Area.
It is also planed to organize a mobile cinema team from Germany which has already arrived in Bangkok.
Nora (Thai-English teacher) invited Andi and Elnar to lead also big parts of a teacher-training (English and rhythm) in Takua Pa for Thai-English teachers.
On Monday Andi organized a group (Rescue Taskforce) which will set up a network with the donated computers in Watcommaneeyakeat school, so that the computer teacher can use these computers in a classroom setting. Then also online conferences with their partner-school in Seifhennersdorf Germany are possible direct from school to school.
The TIGER-partner-school program is already running in Lan Kaen and Watcommaneeyakeat School (the first online conferences with the partner-school took place). Bang Muang and Bangsak school will follow in the following weeks. The e-learning Web-space and chat-client is online and you can connect here as soon as our domain is registered and connected by the internet-authorities.

If you need pictures from our activities which have already taken place, please contact us by Email, we will send you the link to our online picture account.

If you need further information please contact me.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read our description of the planned projects.

Lisa and Andreas Becker and our Team

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